Serving the Basking Ridge NJ Area

Offering Traditional Massage Therapy 


Palliative Comfort Care for

Seniors  -  Critically Ill  -  End of Life

Patty Thaute

Holistic Massage Therapist

End of Life Specialist

Board Certified

NJ Licensed

What I Offer My Clients

My intention is to provide an experience that is healing to the body and soul through massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, reflexology and shamanic healing.

And it is my honor to offer palliative care and guidance to seniors, critically ill, end of life  and hospice patients.

Shamanic Healing and End of Life Care

 A shamanic journey is a meditation enabling me to meet my client on a soul level.

​The end of life can be filled with fear and anxiety. Shamanic healing can help my clients release their fears and be able to experience peace and calm on an emotional level and reduce pain and discomfort on a physical level. My clients range from fully alert and oriented to unresponsive.

My Story

I was lying in a hospital bed, my head spinning from the diagnosis when I was offered a massage from an integrative medicine practitioner. My pain and anxiety drifted away during the session and I was inspired to become a massage therapist. I wanted the opportunity to help others experience the same relaxation and peace I found to be so beneficial during a challenging time.   

I started my massage therapy career in 2001 at a five diamond spa. Then in 2007 I landed my dream job working at the same hospital with the integrative medicine team that started me on this journey. Five years later I was inspired to open my own practice and eventually transitioned my specialty to palliative care for end of life, seniors and critically ill patients.  

Services are provided in my client's home or medical setting.

my training

End of Life Doula - The International End of Life Doula Association

Hospital Based Massage Therapy for Seriously Ill Patients - Mount Sinai Hospital NY

Shamanic Healing - The Foundation of Shamanic Studies

Craniosacral Therapy - The Upledger Institute

Jin Shin Jyutsu, a form of acupressure


Oncology Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy